10 Best Offline Games for iPhone and iPad in 2023-24

Whether you travel long or short, whether stuck in an eight-hour grind that stretches your strength to near breaking point and drains away all the bustle of life from within–or if it’s simply for passing a little time during boring moments between important events–the world of offline iOS games is wide open. Luckily, there are plenty of interesting single-player games across all genres that don’t require you to be online. 

Here’s a carefully chosen selection of the best offline games to play on your iPhone and iPad without an Internet connection in 2023-24.

  1. Wayward Souls

    Wayward Souls is a must-play for anyone who likes quick gaming fixes and the ability to get lost in play. Doing so will allows you to experience all of the game’s different character classes, each with its own separate storyline. Best yet, this dungeon crawler can be played in short burst sessions where only a few minutes are necessary for an ideal run! That the game caters to both casual and devoted gamers doesn’t matter.

    2. Temple Run 2
    temple run2

    In Temple Run 2, you play as a character who has taken an ancient artifact from a temple and is trying to avoid being caught by the guardian. Jumping, sliding and turning are some of the tricks for carrying off jumps in dangerous environments like mines. cliffs or forests. Keeping people coming back The game itself has to get harder and harder each time.

    3. GTA San Andreas

    GTA San Andreas is viewed as a classic until the arrival of mobile devices for traditional gamers. This version offers expected levels of violence along with unique features such as a dating minigame, fitness tracking and various quests to complete. Set in the good old days of the 90s, with certain colorful gangster characters. With its thrilling plot and storyline, it’s one of the best offline iOS games.

    4. Otherworld Legends
    otherwolrd legends

    Otherworld Legends is a brilliant offline mobile brawler that fans of fast-paced action and adorable retro pixel art will love. The game offers hard-hitting, satisfying combat that keeps you hooked with an endless stream of loot. In this case, we’re talking about shiny coins as well as gems and rubies. Jump into the lush Otherworld Legends for an involving gameplay.

    5. Into the Dead

    Play the gripping zombie survival game, Into the Dead. Hard to put down With ever-evolving storyline, multiple endings and many types of weapons, this version gives you a total zombie-slaying experience. From taking on special events each day to fighting determined undead, Into the Dead includes dozens of hours’ worth of gameplay that is guaranteed to be intense.
  1. Subway Surfers

    Subway Surfers is the exhilarating endless runner game with high-speed action, silky smooth controls and over-the top graphics. You run through obstacles and grab up coins, as the game ramps up speed and difficulty. It’s a perfect dose of pure excitement! Subway Surfers is one of the best free offline games for your iPhone or iPad.

    7. Vector

    Vector is an exciting offline game whose simple yet lively controls are complemented by procedurally generated levels in a run-down, dystopian environment. As a test subject, you’ll run from floor to floor in the laboratory avoiding obstacles and performing tricks. Once a person gets the hang of playing,Vector has gradually increasing difficulty so that there will never be an identical experience.

    8. Traffic Racer
    traffic racer

    For iPhone game lovers of all ages, Traffic Racer is a cute and user-friendly offline racing game. It is the best offline iphone games, With five different game modes–“Endless,” “Two-Way”, Time Trial, Police Chase and Free Ride–it provides a lot of variety for all types of moods. Packed with content, Traffic Racer is a must-have for offline racing fans.

    9. Alto’s Adventure

    Alto’s Adventure will take you on an unlimited snowboarding journey through the gorgeous Andes. Learn all the tricks of sliding down snowy slopes, weaving around obstacles and collecting scattered coins. Since there is no need for Wi-Fi, Alto’s Adventure creates an immersive Andean adventure you can take with you anywhere.

    10. Sudoku

    For those looking for a less physical type of gaming, there is the timeless number game Sudoku now on iOS. It is the best offline ios games 2023 available. As well as straightforward but addictive gameplay, Sudoku offers a thrilling mix of puzzles which will keep you playing for hours. Whether you’re a seasoned Sudoku veteran or an amateur novice, this game guarantees hours and hours of enjoyment even without any internet connection.


As the mobile gaming world is constantly changing, there are still many engaging best  offline games 2023 available in iOS for iPhone and iPad. The collection we offer here ranges from fast-action to brain teasers, keeping in mind the varied tastes of gamers.
Whether you’re after the quick thrill of dungeon crawling Wayward Souls, the adrenaline-pumping endless run in Subway Surfers or storytelling GTA San Andreas, there is something for everyone. And these games not only provide mobile 

entertainment, they also demonstrate just how incredible iOS devices are. Even without an internet signal you can indulge in beautiful graphics and thrilling gameplay.

Technology keeps advancing, so the gaming experience on iOS devices will also go from strength to strength. New features are being introduced and boundaries pushed further. That is, until now. The above 10 best offline games 2023 along with the additional recommendations still stand as evidence of how deep and wide are the offerings in offline gaming on iOS in this era (2023-4). And whether you find yourself on a long trip or just want to relax, these games transport you into alternative realms where hours of enjoyment are only an emotional touch away.

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