10 Biggest Cricket Stadiums in the World in 2024-25

Almost every sports lover loves to watch cricket. Cricket is not just a famous game in any particular country but in the whole world. This game is mainly played by two teams, and for each team, there are 11 players. There are some extra players as well, which are there if any players get injured by mistake. Every cricket enthusiast is usually curious to know about the cricket stadiums in the world, and if you want to book stadium tickets and want to see a live cricket match in a stadium, then this blog will assist you in providing information about the 10 biggest cricket stadiums.

List of 10 Biggest Stadiums in the World 

Ranks Cricket Stadiums Country
1 Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad, India.
2 Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne, Australia.
3 Eden Gardens Kolkata, India.
4 Veer Narayan Singh Stadium Raipur, India
5 Perth Stadium Perth, Australia
6 Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium Hyderabad, India
7 Greenfield International Stadium Trivandrum, India
8 Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi, India
9 DY Patil Sports Stadium Navi Mumbai, India
10 Adelaide Oval Adelaide, Australia.


 If we see the stadiums that are mentioned above in the table, most of the cricket stadiums are located in India.

Now, let’s discuss all the largest stadiums one by one. 

1. Narendra Modi Stadium

This stadium is also called Motera Stadium which is the biggest stadium in world. It is mainly located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. This stadium has the capacity to hold a crowd of 1 lakh to 30 thousand people. The name of the stadium is laid in honor of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The 2023 World Cup final happened in this stadium, which is held between India and Australia, and Australia won the World Cup by defeating India. Not only the World Cup final but also the final of the IPL 2023 happened here, which was between the Chennai Super Kings and the Gujarat Titans, in which the Chennai Super Kings won the match by defeating the Gujarat Titans. It was newly built in India. 

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2. Melbourne Cricket Ground

This cricket stadium is located in East Melbourne, Australia. It was founded by the Melbourne Cricket Club and is the second-biggest capacity cricket stadium in the world. It is also managed by the same club, and it is the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. It is also known as the G or the MCG. And it is most famous for hosting the Olympics. 

3. Eden Gardens

This cricket ground was mainly established in 1864. It is mainly situated in Kolkata, India. It is the second-biggest stadium in India, and it is the third-biggest stadium in the world after the Melbourne Cricket stadium. It is one of the most famous cricket grounds in India. The stadium has the capacity to hold a crowd of 70,000 people. Not only the domestic games but also the games with the teams of other countries happened here. 

4. Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

It is the third-biggest stadium in India and the fourth-biggest stadium in the world. It is mainly located in Raipur, Chattisgarh, India. This stadium is mainly named after the freedom fighter, Veer Narayan Singh. In his memory, this stadium is named like this. The pitch in this stadium luckily favors batting. 

5. Perth Stadium

It is located in Burswood, Australia. It is a multi-purpose stadium. It is also known as Opus Stadium. It was built completely in 2017 and opened in 2018. It’s the third-biggest stadium in Australia. And it’s the fifth-biggest cricket stadium in the world. The stadium has the capacity to hold a crowd of approximately 65,000. It is basically used for football and cricket. 

6. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

It is also known as Uppal Stadium. It is primarily located in Hyderabad, India. Used for international cricket as well as domestic cricket. It is owned by the Hyderabad Cricket Association and operated by it as well. It was established 23 years ago, in 2003. In this stadium, domestic and international cricket have been played. This cricket stadium is named in memory of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. 

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7. Green Field International Stadium

This stadium is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It is also called the sports hub.

It has the capacity to manage 55,000 people. Other sports are also played in this stadium, like football. It was established in 2015. Virat Kohli is one of the players who scored 166 not out on the pitch of this stadium.

8. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

This is one of the multi-purpose stadiums in Kerala. People also know this stadium as Kaloor Stadium. It has had a capacity of 40 thousand since it was renovated in 2017. It is very well known for having the loudest audience and it is the most biggest cricket stadium in the world.  The Great Cochin Development Authority owned this stadium. It was opened 28 years ago, in 1996, and has been renovated two times since then. 

9. DY Patil Sports Stadium

This stadium is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is also one of the multi-purpose stadiums in India. It was fully established in 2008. DY Patil Sports Academy is the operator of this stadium. Marathi politician Dnyandeo Yashwantrao Patil owned this stadium. It is not only used for cricket but also for football, music concerts, and other events. 

10. Adelaide Oval

It is located in North Adelaide, Australia. It is one of the most beautiful sporting grounds in the world. It is one of the most iconic stadiums for cricket, concerts, and many more events. It is also the heart of South Australia. This stadium is the biggest cricket stadium in the world by boundary.  


There were so many memories of cricket in the stadium that the followers of the sport loved to cherish. People in Australia will always cherish how Australia’s team won the World Cup in 2023. Also, people across the world cherish their favorite team-winning moments that happened in stadiums. You must have found sufficient information regarding cricket biggest stadium in the world  to get the experience of these stadiums.

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