Browns vs. Jets, Live Score, and Thursday Highlights

The biggest game of the week was Brown vs. Jets, and for you, we have collected all the details regarding this playoff match. This article will include the scores based on every quarter of the match, who continued the streak of poor performances, and who eventually went to the playoffs for this season.

American football is one of the most prominent sports that is followed in the United States. The die-hard fans eagerly wait for the season throughout the year, and once it starts, it brings a wave of joy. 

Now, without wasting any more seconds let’s head straight to the score updates of the Thursday super game. 

Jets vs Browns

The Cleveland Browns successfully made their place in the playoffs for the first time since 2020 as they defeated the New York Jets this Thursday night. By the first-half dominance, it was made certain by the Browns that they had no intentions of returning home, as their score held at 11-5 and on the other hand, the New York Jets at 6-10, taking the final score to 37-20.   

Joe Flacco

It was seen that the fate of the Browns and Joe Flacco was destined to rise together on Thursday night when Flacco contaminated the field with his performance by throwing for 303 passing yards out of which 296 came in the first half. 

The Fall of the Jets

Moreover, the one factor that put the Jets on their back foot was the defence side of the Cleveland Browns, which left no room for the Jets to even think of scoring the goal. The Jets had enough opportunities to get back in the game in the second half, but just like the rest of the matches, the team underperformed and wasted plenty of opportunities that were served to them.  

Second Half

The first points of the second half came through a field goal and the Jets added three points to make it 34-20, leading to Brown’s lead with just under nine minutes left. Next, the Jets got the ball in Cleveland territory after getting over a fumble, whereas the offence was able to pick up only one first down. In addition, Greg Zuerlein was able to hit a 44-yard field goal after having a kick in the third quarter blocked.

Final Quarter

Talking about the fourth quarter of the game would be interesting because both teams were hassling to score in this final quarter. In the end, neither the Browns nor the Jets were able to score even a single goal and the fans were left shocked.  


Away Home Time
Jets Browns 37-20
Sunday, Dec 31, 2023
Away Home Time
Lions Cowboys-4.5 6:45a
Patriots Bills-12 11:30p
Falcons Bears-3 11:30p
Raiders Colts-3 11:30p
Rams-6 Giants 11:30p
Cardinals Eagles-10.5 11:30p
Saints Buccaneers-2.5 11:30p
49ers-13.5 Commanders 11:30p
Panthers Jaguars-6 11:30p
Dolphins Ravens-3 11:30p
Titans Texans-3.5 11:30p
Monday, Jan 1, 2024
Away Home Time
Steelers Seahawks-3.5 2:35a
Chargers Broncos-3.5 2:55a
Bengals Chiefs-7 2:55a
Packers Vikings-1.5 6:50a


In this article, we discussed the score updates of Thursday’s Browns vs. Jets which thrashed the expectations of New York Jets fans. Although the performance of the Jets remained consistently poor this season, they did give a tough time to the oppositions till the very last minute of the game. 

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