What Is The Difference Between Fantasy Sports And Sportsbook?

The USA is a great country for fantasy sports where people watch live streaming; from basketball, cricket, and football to ice hockey and soccer. With sports becoming popular worldwide, two concepts fantasy and sportsbook emerged as the best way to earn quick money via sports. They may sound similar but have a difference that makes them both unique and distinguished from one another. 

With the advent of technological trends like AI, AR, VR and blockchain, sports betting or fantasy sports platforms have become modern and offer users an amazing betting and gameplay experience. However, you must be wondering about what is the difference between fantasy and sportsbook. Fret not, read on to know how they are different from each other. 

Sports Betting 

Sports betting is a pure form of gambling wherein bettors or punters bet on the outcome of the favourite sports of their choice. They can even bet on the performance of the individual players to get the best odds and win the bet. The famous sports betting games are horse racing, greyhound racing, football, basketball, cricket, hockey, etc. There is a wide range of sports betting websites available out there using which you can bet on varied sports and get the best odds to make the winning bet. Betting is not necessarily legal in all the countries of the states of America like New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. 

Different countries have different legal formalities for sports betting licenses. And it is compulsory to get one to launch a sportsbook business. Without a legal license, you will not be able to start and sustain in the betting world, and no bettor would be interstate to bet with you. If you want to start a business in gambling, you can get an authentic license from Curacao, Malta, Alderney, Barbuda, and Antigua. These countries are quite reliable and flexible to get a license from. 

Fantasy Sports 

Fantasy sports are quite different from sports betting, they are considered as the game of skills and not a game of chance. In India and across the globe, games that are based on skills are allowed, which means fantasy sports require fewer legal formalities as compared to sportsbooks. In fantasy sports, users need to create their own virtual team of players based on their performance and stats. 

The end result of the predictions or team formulation depends on how well your selected team play on the real ground. Your fantasy points are counted on the basis of their real-time performance and stats. Therefore, you need to select your fantasy sports players wisely and strategically to earn more fantasy points and win at the end. Make sure to study the stats and details of prior matches to create the best-suited winning fantasy teams. The most popular fantasy sports that you can try luck on are fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy hockey etc. 

Difference Between Fantasy And Sportsbook

Most people get confused when it comes to fantasy sports and sportsbooks. Here is the list of differentiating factors that showcase the clear difference between fantasy sports and sportsbooks: 

Fantasy Sports 

Sportsbook / Sports Betting 

Fantasy Sports is an online prediction game which begins by creating your own virtual team of real-life players.  Sportsbook allows you to bet on the sports or athletes of your choice. It depends on how better you understand the odds and place your bet. 
The scores are counted on the basis of the performance or the stats of the players in the real world.  Herein, your winning probability is based on the randomness of your odds. This suggests that it depends on your luck whether you win or not. 
Fantasy Sports are considered as the game of skills.  Sports betting is considered as a game of chance. 
Playing fantasy sports is not a category or part of gambling.  In the case of sports betting, betting on games is considered as gambling. 
Fantasy Sports require you to analyze the data and past performances of the players you select to ensure that your team wins the game.  Sports betting requires predictive skills and analysis so that you can make informative and correct betting decisions. 

Final Words 

By now you might have understood the clear difference between sports betting and fantasy sports. They both offer users a chance to earn a huge amount of money just by predictive and analytical skills. However, there is a huge difference between both concepts as fantasy sports is considered a game of skills and sports betting is a game of luck. No matter what you are interested in, make sure to get a license or regulatory formalities done before launching your own fantasy or sports betting platform.

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