Horse Racing Vs Greyhound Racing: Which Is Better?


Horse Racing Vs Greyhound Racing: Which Is Better?

Racing has been a popular fun activity around the globe for many reasons. Amongst all types of racing; horse racing and greyhound racing are preferred by both sports enthusiasts and punters. Racing is one of the most preferable genres to bet on, which both bettors and punters are interested in. These races equally offer acute fun, but they are different from one another when it comes to the rules and features. If you want to know more about horse racing vs greyhound racing; you will get a clear difference here! 

Fans who love to watch live streaming of races get confused between both types of racing, which makes it difficult for punters and bettors to decide which is better. Whether you choose horse racing or greyhound racing; the day will be full of betting opportunities, huge jackpots and live streaming of racing. If you are an entrepreneur, you must be getting confused between developing greyhound racing software to reach a massive population of racing enthusiasts. 

Horse racing vs greyhound racing; which is better? Question everybody asks! Read till the end to know their differences to clear your doubt. 

Horse Racing 

Horse racing is one of the most preferable types of racing across the globe, known for its fun and entertaining features. Dubai is the hotspot of racing events, popularly known for a wide range of races, including greyhound racing, horse racing, harness racing etc. Horse Racing is widely categorized into two phases; flat races and jump races. Within these races, there are other types such as steeplechases, endurance racing and harness racing. In the flat horse racing type, all the horses race on flat surfaces without facing any hurdles or fences. 

There are different types of breeds of horses taking part in the races, including thoroughbreds, quarter horses, and Appaloosa, with each breed having its unique properties for different types of races. Some of the most popular horse racing events are Kentucky, Derby, The Dubai World Cup, Royal Ascot, and The Grand National. 

Greyhound Racing 

Much like horse racing, greyhound racing is a popular type of racing which features huge numbers of dogs racing on the track. Greyhound racing is broadly classified into two categories; track racing and coursing. Track racing takes place on an oval track, while coursing involves the racing of dogs chasing after mechanical lures. 

Greyhound racing betting is quite popular in countries like UAE, Australia, and the UK. Some of the most popular greyhound racing events are the English Derby, the Irish Derby, The Golden Easter Egg, and the Greyhound Night of Stars. Just like horse racing, greyhound racing also offers both punters and bettors a chance to bet on various possibilities, keeping all the odds in mind. 

Horse Racing Vs Greyhound Racing 

Choosing between horse racing and greyhound racing can be hard to nut to track as there is a wide range of differences which makes it difficult to choose among both the races. Hence, to make it easier for you here we have listed some of the factors explaining all the differences between horse racing Vs greyhound racing: 

Race Tracks 

Race tracks play a crucial role in both types of racing; greyhound and horse racing. Race tracks can be different in both types of racing. In horse racing, race tracks are quite wider and longer, and can accommodate a huge number of horses. These tracks often have grass and dirt, helping horses to make a strong grip on the race tracks. 

While in greyhound racing, the race tracks are narrower or smaller. These tracks have sand or synthetic surfaces for optimal traction. 


Betting on both horse and greyhound racing is fun and punters will get a varied range of betting options. Both sports offer bettors a chance to keep track of all the betting market options, allowing bettors to choose their favourite wagering style. 

From simple bets to complex racing bet types like Tricast, and Quinella, there is a wide range of betting opportunities to win. 

Speed Agility 

Greyhound racing is widely known for its speed and agility. These dogs are specially trained and taught to showcase immersive performance on the track while being active throughout the races. Horse racing is equally speedy and enthusiastic but not more than a greyhound. 

Handicapping Process 

The handicapping process is an important aspect of both horse and greyhound racing. In horse racing, these factors include speed, form, and weight carried by the horse. In greyhound racing, factors include past performances, track suitability for dogs, and the ability to break from boxes instantly. 

Final Words 

By now you might have understood the difference between greyhound racing vs horse racing. Horse racing offers a social experience while greyhound racing offers a quick and instant thrill of speedy racing. The demand for both horse racing and greyhound racing is high, making entrepreneurs invest in horse racing software to target massive racing enthusiasts. Take help from an experienced sports betting development company to get reliable software of your choice and budget.

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