Top Indian Fast Bowlers List in 2024-25

We all know that the leading Indian cricket team members, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Mohammad Shami, and Bumrah, are leading the game and enjoying wide popularity. If you are a cricket enthusiast and want to chase the Indian fast bowler, then this blog is going to be helpful for you. A true cricket lover should not miss the blog because it includes a list of Indian fast bowlers who have performed outstandingly in the field and become popular with their phenomenal performances. You will get exposure to the Indian fast bowlers list by the end of this blog.

Indian Fast Bowler List 2023-24

Player Average Bowling Speed Fastest Bowling Speed Bowling Style
Kapil Dev 135 km/h 140 km/h Right-arm, fast-medium
Zaheer Khan 145 km/h 147 km/h Left-armed, fast-medium
Anil Kumble 100 km/h 118 km/h Flipper, leg spin
Umran Malik 157 km/h Right-armed, fast
Irfan Pathan 153.7 km/h Left-armed, fast-medium
Mohammad Shami 140 km/h 153.2 km/h Right-arm, medium-fast
Navdeep Saini 140 km/h 152.85 km/h Right-arm, fast-paced
Javagal Srinath 149.6 km/h 157 km/h Right-armed, fast-medium
Ishant Sharma 150 km/h 152 km/h Right-arm, fast-paced
Ashish Nehra 149.7 km/h 149.7 km/hr Left-arm, fast
Umesh Yadav 140 km/h 152.5 km/h Right-arm, fast
Varun Aaron 140 km/h 153.9 km/h Right-arm, fast
Jasprit Bumrah 137 km/h 153.26 km/h Right-arm, fast

So, they are the top 10 fastest bowlers in India ever. Some of them are retired, whereas others are still playing. Some of them are only playing in the IPL, whereas some of them are still playing for the country. 

Umran Malik

He is currently playing in the IPL (Indian Premier League). He is top among Indian fast bowlers to bowl the fastest ball (speed -157km/hr) against Delhi Capitals in the year 2022. He also debuted for India in 2022 against Ireland.

Age  24 year 
Born  22 November 1999, Jammu and Kashmir 
Batting style  Right-hand bat 
Bowling style  Right arm Fast 
Playing role  Bowler 

Javagal Srinath

He is a retired cricket player who bowls the fastest bowl (154.5 km/hr). He is one of India’s top fast bowlers. He currently works as an ICC referee and is the first fast bowler to take 300 wickets in India’s cricket history.

Age  54
Born  31 August 1969, Karnataka 
Batting style  Right-hand Bat 
Bowling style  Right arm Fast medium 
Playing role  Bowler 

Irfan Pathan

He is currently working as a commentator and as an analyst. He is the third-top Indian young fast bowler. He was a bowling all-rounder of his time. He was also a member of the Indian Cricket Team when India won the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

Age  39 year 
Born  27 October 1984 
Batting style  Left-handed bat 
Bowling style  Left arm fast-medium 
Playing role  Bowler allrounder 

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Mohammad Shami

He serves the Indian cricket team currently as a right-hand fast bowler. He represented India in all the formats. He is the Indian pace bowler in the 2023 World Cup 2023. He made his test debut against the West Indies team in 2013.

Age  33 year 
Born  3 Sep 1990
Batting style  Right-handed Bat 
Bowling style  Right Arm Fast Medium 
Playing role  Bowler 

Jasprit Bumrah

He is the fifth Indian cricket team fast bowlers in Indian history who is currently serving the Indian Cricket team. He is a right-arm fast bowler. He bowls his fastest bowl against the Australia team (speed 153.26 km/hr).

Age  30 years 
Born  6 Dec 1993
Batting style  Right-handed bat 
Bowling style  Right arm fast 
Playing role  Bowler 

So, these are some facts about the top 5 best fast bowler in India who helped the Indian cricket team to win many matches with their talent and abilities.

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