Top 10 Real Money Earning Apps in India 2025

Are you looking for the best money-earning apps in India? If yes, this article will help you out! 

The world of online gaming has evolved at the speed of light in the past few years. Where in the dawn of online games people used to rely heavily on limited options to get entertained and only in a few cases get a chance to win real money. But with time it became important to introduce high-end gaming applications that not only offer engaging gameplay and attractive user interface, but also adequate opportunities for the users to earn real money. Eventually, through renowned game development companies new and advanced money-earning apps came into existence in India. Some of the examples of such apps are Paytm Games, Ace23, and Winzo. 

Herein, to give you more options to choose from, we have listed the top 7 real money-earning apps in India that you can rely on in 2024.     

Top 7  Real Money Earning Apps in India 

The table mentioned below represents the best 7 real money-earning apps in India and to get full details on them, check the segment curated after the table.  

Number Money-Earning App Ratings  Type Platform(s)
1 MPL 4.5/5 Gaming Android, iOS
2 Zupee 4.1/5 Gaming Android, iOS
3 Winzo 4.3/5 Gaming Android, iOS
4 Ace23 4.1/5 Gaming Android, iOS
5 Winzy 4.0/5 Gaming Android, iOS
6 Adda 52 4.2/5 Gaming Android, iOS
7 Paytm Games 4.3/5 Gaming Android, iOS


The very first money-earning app in this list that allows you to win real cash prizes is MPL. The platform allows users to play games like cricket, football, and chess and win exciting prizes like real money in addition to other exciting bonus rewards. The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms for free download and is rated 4.5 out of 5. 


The next on the list is one of the most renowned real money-earning apps in India, Zupee. The application is available on both iOS and Android platforms and is rated 4.1. Moreover, to win real money on Zupee the users need to participate in tournaments and eventually come out as a winner. But that’s not it, to start playing on Zupee you don’t need to invest any money as well and at the same time you can withdraw your earnings that will directly come to your bank account.


Currently one of the most popular and best online money earning apps in India is undoubtedly WinZo. This platform not only enables you to play exciting and thrilling games but at the same time provides ample opportunities through them to earn real money. Winzo offers a variety of games to choose from in which you can even compete with other great players from India and other parts of the world to win more money.


Are you looking for a more conventional way to earn money? If yes, Ace23 is the right choice for you! This real money-earning app in India enables players to earn real cash by just performing certain tasks. There are still a variety of games and offers that the players can choose from to earn big rewards. Moreover, to get some extra benefits you can refer this application to your friends as well.           


Winzy is yet another option for people who are willing to some real money by just playing games. The application somewhat resembles Ace2Three, where you need to complete certain offers and tasks to earn points and later convert them into real money. Moreover, the application is rated 4.0 and is available for both Android device and iOS devices. 

Adda 52

Known for its challenging yet engaging games, Adda 52 is another platform that will allow you to earn money by playing different games. Despite the games being a bit difficult to win in comparison to games other applications offer, if you acquire the required skills you can win big rewards. Furthermore, users can download this online money-earning application for free from their Android or iOS-based devices. 

Paytm Games

The final real money-earning app in this list is Paytm Games. The application not only allows users to play cricket, football, and chess but also to win real money and other exciting rewards and bonuses in exchange. The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms, where users have given it a rating of 4.3.  


This article discussed the top 7 real money-earning apps in India and by now you must have decided on your favorite one from the list. If yes, do you know you can have your money-earning app as well? You heard it right! By just contacting a renowned real money game development company, you can step into this fortune-filled gaming industry. Moreover, the company will not only provide you with an impeccable application but also dedicated after-deployment services to help it sustain itself in the highly competitive market.

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