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The Best IPL Satta Apps to Earn Real Money in 2025

If you are reading this article, you would want to know the best IPL satta apps in 2024, right? If yes, this article will work as a boon for you!

Cricket is a sport that has gained huge popularity among people in not only India but also across several other countries. The sense of sportsmanship and patriotism this particular sport brings with itself has majorly helped in the vast increase of its fandom within a short period. With time as the technology evolved, sports betting app development companies brought renowned IPL betting apps into existence. The logic behind this was to provide fans a platform to place bets on their favorite sports events and engage themselves in the game. Moreover, some examples of such apps are Betway, Cricket Satta Live Line, Betway, and 888Sports. 

Herein, to put more light on this topic, we have listed the top 7 IPL satta apps that you can rely on in 2024.                   

Top 7 IPL Satta Apps in 2024

Before getting into the details of the best 7 IPL satta apps in 2024, we have curated a table for your convenience that includes the names of applications and the devices they support. 

Number App Platform(s) Ratings
1 Cricket Satta Live Line Android 4.0
2 Parimatch  iOS & Android 4.5
3 Betway iOS & Android 4.2
4 Melbet iOS & Android 4.5
5 1xBet iOS & Android 4.0
6 Dafabet iOS & Android 4.8
7 888Sports iOS & Android 4.5

Full Details on the Top 7 IPL Satta Apps in 2024

Following is the list of best IPL satta apps that you can prefer in 2024:

Cricket Satta Live Line

If you are looking for the best satta apps in 2024, the Cricket Satta Live Line app will be the best choice for you. This app enables you to place bets on tournaments like IPL and other major events and provides accurate match odds and all session updates. Moreover, you can download this app for free from the Google Play Store, where it is rated 4.0 by the users.


Even after being one of the most popular IPL betting Apps in 2024, Parimiatch is not limited to cricket. The application also allows users to play betting games on other sports like kabaddi, football, and basketball. Moreover, the rewards this app provides users include an attractive sports welcome bonus of up to INR 30,000 that can be redeemed by just depositing a minimum amount of INR 200.    


Founded in the year 2006, Betway brought the wave of sports betting across different countries. But with time the application has become one of the most reliable IPL satta apps in 2024. Also, besides the welcome bonus and other exciting benefits it provides to the users, this platform has proved itself as a secure IPL satta application in India and other parts of the world. Moreover, the application is licensed by the Malta Gambling Authorities, which is considered Europe’s most renowned gambling regulator.  


The best thing about IPL satta apps like Melbet is that they not only enable experienced players to place bets on cricket events like IPL and other sports events but also players who are taking the first step in the sports betting world. Moreover, the benefits players get through this platform include a welcome bonus of up to 100% on the first deposit, which goes up to 20,000 INR. 


Who hasn’t heard of 1xBet? Being one of the fastest-growing sports betting platforms, 1xBet has gained immense popularity in India and other parts of the globe by enabling users to bet on IPL and other major sports events. Although there are multiple reasons for the praise it received, to mention a few of them, they can include easy registration and reward withdrawals, multiple payment options, and a bonus of 120% up to INR 49,000. 


Dafabetbet is the next online IPL satta app in this list, where it allows users to not only place bets on famous cricket tournaments like the IPL and World Cup but also other major sports events. Moreover, besides providing a smooth and secure cricket betting experience, it ensures that the users can place bets on other sports as well including American football, badminton, basketball, table tennis, and more. 


Launched in 2008, 888Sports is said to be one of the pioneers of sports betting platforms. Moreover, as time flew with the cricket fandom gaining immense momentum in the past few decades, this platform started becoming one of the most reliable IPL satta application choices among users. The platform is available for free download for both Android and iOS devices and some of the other sports besides cricket that are available on this app include basketball, football, MMA, rugby, and golf.    


Reading this article you must have figured out which IPL satta app among the 7 is best for you. If yes, now is the right time for you to know that you can enter this billion-dollar industry too with your online IPL satta app! All you have to do to make this possible is contact a renowned fantasy app development company. Moreover, besides developing an app for you, the company will also be providing it with all the after-deployment services that will help the application sustain itself in this highly competitive market.

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