Today Match Dream 11 Team Captain and Vice-Captain

Importance of choosing the Dream 11 Captain and Vice-Captain

The captain and vice-captain you select for your fantasy cricket team will get the advantage of winning double points in comparison to other players on the playing field who only get single points. This is a strategic action that could have a significant impact on the final score. The vice-captain acts as a choice in a situation of the captain does not do well. The captain is usually selected according to their capacity to score large runs, get wickets, or perform consistently. Fantasy cricket players may maximize points by carefully considering individual structure, event factors, and rivals before choosing the captain and vice-captain.

How to choose the best  dream 11 Captain/Vice-Captain Today Match

Nowadays, the cricket fantasy has gained increased popularity, as it has come up with a new opportunity for all the players, creating dream teams while demonstrating their smartness and knowledge. This decision of choosing the best captain and vice-captain is a crucial strategy in cricket as they have a major effect on the success of your favourite team. These are a few tips that will assist you in selecting the ideal captain and vice-captain of your fantasy team, no matter the size of your league on websites like Dream11.

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Tips for Minor Leagues:

The players that you choose for small leagues have to be competent and able to consistently perform well in every aspect of the game, regardless of whether it be bowling, batting, or all-around skills. The following are a few essential guidelines for selecting the best vice-captain and skipper in small leagues:

  • All-rounders: Fast bowlers who can contribute both with the bat and the ball, for instance, Ravindra Jadeja as well as Sam Curran and Shakib Al Hasan, among others, are excellent options for captain or vice-captains. It is more inclined for them to get rewards in more than one way.
  • Top-Order Batters: Consider selecting leaders or vice-captains from among top-order batsmen like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ms Dhoni and David Warner. These individuals are trustworthy players who usually bat first for their respective clubs.
  • Bowlers with capability: The bowlers having the ability to take wickets, such as Mitchell Starc, Jasprit Bumrah and Trent Boult, may alter the dynamics of a match. They might prove to be good choices for the captain if the conditions are right.
  • Avoid Similar Choices: It’s an excellent idea to differentiate yourself from the crowd in small leagues when a lot of people might select captains or vice-captains who are identical to each other. Instead, pick players who are not as well-known but have a significant impact.

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Tips for Grand Leagues: 

As there are more players in grand leagues, captain decisions must be made with a more distinct mindset. Here’s how to plan your grand league strategy:

  • Balanced strategy: In major leagues, choose players who might not be the most popular choices yet can become great performers as captains or vice-captains. Make estimated chances.
  • Match-Ups and Performance: While selecting a captain or vice-captain, analyze players’ history and match-ups against particular opponents. Taking into consideration variables including previous outcomes and face-to-face stats.
  • Balancing Together: To maximize point-scoring chances, choose a leadership team consisting of high-scoring batsmen, prominent versatile players, and wicket-taking bowlers.
  • Selection versatility: To distinguish yourself from other players, the large leagues allow players to test out various captain/vice-captain combinations, contrasting small leagues wherein standard choices have to be made.

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In Dream11, the most effective captain and vice-captain are selected by a combination of strategy, performance evaluation, match comprehension, and carefully calculated risks considering the dimensions of the league. Although undervalued people who have game-winning abilities are especially sought after in big leagues, steady performances and effective fast bowlers should constitute the primary goal in small leagues. One may boost the likelihood of winning at cricket fantasy games by paying attention to player performance and matches, in addition to following the aforementioned suggestions.


Q1. How much importance is given to a player’s record and present performance in choosing their captain and vice-captain?

Ans: It is essential to consider and analyse a player’s records and present performance because it gives an idea that they are likely to continue to play well in future games. It is more inclined for players who are performing well to score goals for your fictitious team.

Q2. Why is it crucial to have an understanding of team structure?

Ans: While choosing an ideal captain or vice-captain, you must have an in-depth knowledge of how teams work as it helps in evaluating every player’s position and predicting the performance in light of the competition, playing environment, and the strategies of the team.

Q3. How do all-around skills determine the selection of captain or vice-captain in cricket?

Ans: All-around players who contribute both the bat and the ball are considered great options because they can generate more points in a variety of ways, which increases the strength that your fantasy team will get more touchdowns.

Q4. Why is it that in fantasy cricket leagues, the opposition is taken into account while choosing a captain and vice-captain?

Ans: It is easier to make conclusions regarding which players have the potential to do well against particular teams when taking into account the abilities and shortcomings of the opposition, which will improve the fantasy team’s score total.

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