Best Ludo Earning Apps in 2025 to Earn Real Money

The modern era of digital technologies has made it relatively easier for even undergraduate university students to make money. Most people look for part time jobs but some try to supplement their income with unconventional means like playing video games. The traditional play board has come online in the form of a video game called Ludo, while Ludo earning apps allow people who want to make real money for free. We shall examine new ludo money earning App and understand them and why they are an ideal source of investment in 2024.

What is Ludo Earning Apps?

Despite the growth of modern digital entertainment systems like smartphones, Ludo’s popularity has gained ground. The traditional and best Ludo earning apps have introduced a global board game and allowed people to earn actual cash rewards in the process. These new ludo earning app 2024 offer a simple concept: you can even download and sign up for an account where you can play ludo matches. You get paid for each victory which can be either converted into cash or spent within the app. Some of such apps allow one to play without making the first payment same as with free tournaments in online poker.

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Top New Ludo Earning Apps in 2024

The combination of a traditional game and actual money rewards has caused ludo earning apps become quite popular. These applications enable players to compete through ludos and receive actual winnings. This is because they are easily accessible and can be played with no prior investments made on them. Therefore, now we will examine the best 10 applications for playing Ludo earning app without investment for 2024.

  1. Ludo Fantasy- New Ludo Earning App

ludo fantasy
ludo fantasy

Ludo Fantasy is a new entrant in the best Ludo earning app scene for 2023. It allows players to participate in both 2-player and 4-player matches with a minimum entry fee of ₹10. What sets it apart is the Quick Mode, resembling the Counter Mode of other apps. A unique feature is the low platform fee, ensuring higher earnings for winners. The app offers a ludo sign-up bonus of ₹20 and a referral bonus of ₹1 per game. Withdrawal options include Paytm wallet and bank accounts.

  1. Zupee Ludo

ludo zupee

Zupee Ludo is an engaging Ludo earning app 20204 providing a ₹51 sign-up bonus for users. With no initial investment required, players can use this bonus to participate in Ludo and other games available on the app. Additionally, there are rewards for referring friends, making it a lucrative option for those looking to earn money through referrals.

  1. Ludo Culture

ludo cluture

Ludo Culture by Gamezy offers a diverse gaming experience, including fantasy sports, Ludo, and rummy. Upon sign-up, users receive a ₹100 bonus. While its referral program may not be the most generous, Ludo Culture is a solid choice for those planning to play with their own money. Withdrawal options include Paytm cash.

  1. Winzo Ludo

ludo winzo

Winzo Ludo stands out as one of the most engaging Ludo earning apps, providing a ₹51 sign-up bonus for players. Similar to other apps, it offers rewards for users who refer friends, enhancing the potential for earnings through referrals.

  1. Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is a reliable Ludo money earning app, allowing players to earn Paytm cash by participating in Ludo games. The app distinguishes itself with the Counter Mode, where players need to take only 2 tokens home instead of the usual 4, leading to faster game completion. With a sign-up bonus of ₹10 and a referral bonus of ₹20 + 2% per game, Ludo Empire is a preferred choice for many players.

  1. Ludo Club

ludo club

Ludo Club has earned its reputation as a trusted Ludo money earning app, offering a safe and engaging gaming experience. With a variety of games besides Ludo, including Rummy and Teen Patti, it has become a go-to platform for those looking to earn money through gaming.

  1. Happy Teen Patti

Happy Teen Patti combines Ludo and Teen Patti, providing a unique gaming experience. With a ₹51 sign-up bonus and the ability to play 1 on 1 Ludo games starting from just ₹2, it caters to players seeking fast-paced gameplay. The refer and earn system, offering up to ₹1500 per friend, adds to the app’s earning potential.

  1. Modern Ludo

ludo modern

Modern Ludo is another engaging real money Ludo earning app offering a ₹51 sign-up bonus. With rewards for referrals, it provides an opportunity for users to earn money without making an initial investment.

  1. MPL (Mobile Premier League)


MPL is a versatile gaming app that includes Ludo among its many high-quality games. Users can play against up to 3 players and choose from over 100 native games. Endorsed by Virat Kohli, MPL has a low payment threshold of ₹1, making it a must-have gaming app for those looking to earn money through gaming.

  1. Rush by Hike

Rush by Hike is a new entrant in the real money gaming app space, offering fast-paced Ludo gameplay with a minimum contest fee of ₹5. Players can withdraw winnings to their bank accounts via UPI. The app also features other games for additional earning opportunities.

In conclusion, Ludo earning apps without investment have opened up new possibilities for individuals to make money while enjoying their favorite pastime. These apps provide an exciting blend of traditional gaming and real-money rewards, making them a popular choice for those seeking financial freedom and entertainment simultaneously.

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