Top Dream11 Alternatives That You Must Know In 2024

Are you looking for top Dream11 Alternatives? If yes, we have got your back in this article! 

Dream 11 is one of the famous fantasy sports applications in the industry which offers a wide range of games like tennis, cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, rugby etc. The app plays an important role by inspiring young entrepreneurs to invest in Dream11 app development to stay ahead of the curve. Best Fantasy Sports Apps like Dream11 offer detailed insights and stats related to real-time fantasy sports scores, analysis, and player performances.

 The fantasy sports market is becoming modern with the advancement of technology, sports and user experience.

A reliable fantasy sports app like Dream11 sets an example in the entire fantasy sports industry by offering reliable and cutting-edge interface and tech-backed features that contributed to its overall success and growth. This app is not only visually appealing or interactive but also caters to the latest demands and preferences of both fantasy sports players and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in knowing more about what are the best alternatives of Dream11 that are emerging and revolutionizing the current fantasy sports industry in a manner like no other, make sure to read this article till the end. 

Let’s explore the list of the top Dream11 Alternatives one by one. 

List of Top 10 Dream 11 Alternatives 

Before you hire a fantasy sports software provider, make sure to check the best dream11 like apps. 

Here is the list of top 10 apps like Dream11 that are that not only includes similar feature like dream11 but also includes user-centric interface, features and elements that contribute to overall experience of the fantasy sports players:


Crickpe is quickly becoming one of the most popular fantasy sports apps for great level of competitiveness and excitement. With easy to navigate interface and user-centric features, Crickpe offers reliable contests and tournaments to achieve rewards and offers. It features a perfect blend of simplicity, engagement and security. AL

MPL – Mobile Premier League 

MPL is among the best fantasy apps like Dream11 which offers different types of sports and games that cater to the demands of a broad market. It offers a platform for daily contests and tournaments, offering users ample opportunities to win prizes and awards. The USP of the app is community engagement, which offers interactive elements like competitive interface, leaderboards, and chat options. 

It adheres to the policies of responsible gambling by making the best use of advanced security protocols. 

My11 Circle 

My11 circle is the most popular fantasy cricket app which offers an attractive interface, challenging contests, and user-friendly features. It is highly known for its scalable controls, robust platform elements and security. It offers great security and safety protocols that keep players engaged and retained on the platform. 

MyTeam 11 

MyTeam 11 is a very popular fantasy sports application, which includes fantasy sports enthusiasts from across the globe. The platform offers a wide range of sports like cricket, football, volleyball, kabaddi and other target audience of wagers and punters. It is the most competitive gaming platform which offers interactive features and interfaces. 

A23 Fantasy 

A23, known as Ace2Three is a platform which extended its offerings to include fantasy sports. The app specializes in cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, etc. The platform is known for its user-centric features, interface and detailed analytics. The platform is packed with interesting elements and a variety of contests from private leagues to mega leagues, appealing to both novice and experienced players. 

Gully Champs 

Gully Champs is slowly grabbing the attention in the market as one of the best Dream11 Alternatives. The app offers users a chance to represent their skills, tactics and knowledge related to a variety of sports like football, volleyball, cricket, basketball etc.


Gamezy is the fastest growing and emerging Indian Dream11 alternative that plays an important role in offering the best and secure fantasy gameplay experience to all the players. With real-time stats and scores, it enables users to make informed betting decisions based on facts and accurate sportsmen performances. 


Halaplay is one of the most popular fantasy cricket apps to begin your fantasy gameplay with. The features, methods and procedures of creating a fantasy team is easier. Using the platform, users can invest their money and interact with other players to increase their engagement and retention. 

Real 11

Real11 is one of the best apps like Dream11, which is emerging as a striking platform in this rapidly evolving fantasy sports market. The app is designed with simple and straightforward features and elements that make it navigable enough for users. Apart from this, it offers players a chance to invite friends and family members to earn exciting cash prizes. The commitment and main objective is to offer a fair and secure gameplay experience to players.


Howzat is an online fantasy sports platform which ensures players to have the right set of games and sports. The platform aims to offer players real money earning opportunities and big winnings. Be it cricket, football, volleyball, or basketball, the platform allows players to select a fantasy sport of their choice. It emerges as the strong and best alternative for Dream11, offering excellent customer support, user experience, realism and user-centric features. 

Final Words 

By now you might have understood what are the best fantasy sports apps like dream11 and how they are emerging to be on the top. These dream11 alternatives are quite similar to dream 11 but still they are different and offer unique features and benefits to players. The above list of the best alternatives for dream11 might have cleared all your doubts about the details and features these apps offer to players. If you are interested in developing your own dream11 like app, contact a top and reliable fantasy sports app development company.

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