Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies in 2024

Are you a horse racing betting enthusiast? If yes, you must be curious to know what are some of the best horse racing betting strategies in 2024 that you can apply to win in the end! 

Horse racing betting software offers a wide range of stats, scores, and performances of horse racing in the most prominent horse racing leagues and tournaments. Horse racing has been quite popular these days in various countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Ireland, UAE, etc. It becomes risky to bet on horse racing when you don’t have the adequate knowledge or skills to make informed betting decisions. This leads to wrong decisions and might impact your overall winning chance in horse racing betting events. 

Following the right strategies and tricks can save a lot of time in identifying the best horse racing betting odds. Plus, by applying those strategies you can easily make the most of your bet money by making accurate, calculative, and informed betting decisions. 

If you want to know how you can make the best out of horse racing betting strategies, make sure to read this article till the end!

List of Horse Racing Betting Strategies 

Here is the list of the best horse racing betting strategies that you must be well aware of: 


Dutching is the most popular horse racing bet strategy and has been applied by people who want to make the most of their betting money. It also enhances your chance of winning the bet multifolds. The process of dutching works by betting on more than one horse to win the same race. This is the most profitable betting strategy for horse racing as you get the chance to get a higher return even if you lose at least one bet. 


Dutching strategy tends to be very good for new bettors as it is very simple and straightforward. Make sure to place a bet on a horse that is more likely to win the bet by taking a look at the past records and bets placed on different horses. 

80-20 Betting 

The 80-20 horse racing betting strategy evolved from Dutching, but it is quite interesting for those who want to bet on great odds of winning. The idea of the 80-20 horse racing strategy is to split your total stake between two horses which includes 80% on one horse and 20% on the other. It is a very good horse racing betting strategy if you are betting on multiple races. 

Laying the Favourite 

Laying the favorite is a totally effective horse racing betting strategy to win against a horse. It is a recommended and strong strategy when betting on other horses. As the player, you are more likely to achive a huge amount of price because the favorite’s odds will be the shortest. A lay bet is when you wager against something happening. In this case, you are supposed to wager on the favorite not winning. The unique thing about this type of strategy is that your liability is not set by your stake but by the odds. 

Pick 3 

Pick 3 is a type of horse racing betting strategy which revolves around picking three horses from 3 different races to win. You will be winning the bet money only if three horses are likely to finish the race first. It can be really profitable bet system that allows you to bet on three consecutive races and you can multiply your potential profits. The best part of this type of bet is that it offers bettors a chance to get higher odds and profit earning opportunities as compared to other types of bets. 

A Show Bet 

A show bet is considered to be the most profitable and ideal horse racing betting strategy that you can consider if you are a new player. These bets are way more easier to make as compared to other strategies for horse racing betting. In order to secure a profit, your selected horse doesn’t necessarily needs to finish the race first. Instead, a show bet is won when your selected horses secure a place of first, second or third in the race. There is a greater chance that you win the bet money as you get three betting options.

Trifecta Betting  

Trifecta is the most important and engaging horse racing betting strategy that aims to predict the first, second and third place finishers in the exact same order. The profit margins of trifecta horse racing betting are so huge that most of the bettors rely on this strategy to drive their overall winnings. The odds depend on the price of each horse multiplied together. The strategist and bettor use this betting strategy on short distance race tracks to make a fortune. 

Final Words 

We have come to the conclusion where we have finally got to know about the top strategies for horse racing betting, essential for making informed and accurate betting decisions. Using the best horse racing betting strategies can help you make a fortune and thus help you make the most of your bet money and even hone your betting skills and knowledge. If you are fascinated by the concept of betting on horses and interested in creating your own horse racing betting app, make sure to get help from a reliable software development company for horse racing betting.

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