Double GameWeek in FPL- Everything You Should Know

FPL managers are desperate for opportunities to maximize points, and one event the community always looks forward is double game week. For managers, this rare event presents the opportunity to earn double points for their chosen players over one Gameweek. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about Double Gameweeks in FPL.

What is a Double Gameweek?

If a team has two fixtures within one FPL Gameweek, that is called Double Gameweek. This often arises because of fixture rescheduling, cup competitions or other reasons which cause matches to be postponed. That means that in theory FPL managers can double their points by having players who play two matches.

Identifying Double Gameweeks

Watch the schedule for Premier League fixtures carefully. Announcements of Double Gameweeks generally come well before time. Rearrangements of fixtures caused by weather conditions, or cup competitions and the like can cause as many extra matches for some teams in a single Gameweek.

Strategies for Double Gameweeks

As a Double Gameweek nears, strategic planning and careful decision-making are required. Here are some key strategies to consider:

1. Player Selection
Give preference to players from the teams that have a Double Gameweek, especially those with favorable fixtures. Spending on players who are in form and possibilities to score is especially rewarding.

2. Bench Boost Chip
Think about using the Bench Boost chip for a Double Gameweek. With this chip, you can field every member of your team including subs. In other words it gives you the chance to max out your points potential. Make sure your bench contains players with Double Gameweek matches.

3. Triple Captain Chip
Another high-risk, big gain strategy is to use a Triple Captain chip during Double Gameweek. This can double or even triple the captain’s points for that Gameweek, enormous enough to make a difference. However, timing is crucial, and it’s essential to captain a player with the potential for big returns.

  1. Wildcard Activation
    Other managers opt to play their Wildcard ahead of a Double Gameweek, overhauling his squad. Because of this, they can field players with good fixtures and take advantage of the possibility for double points.

    Potential Pitfalls

    While Double Gameweeks offer the promise of increased points, there are potential pitfalls that managers should be aware of:

    1. Rotation Risk
    Teams with congested schedules are facing rotation of their players. A major drawback for managers is that key players may be rested by their team, cutting into potential points.

    2. Fixture Difficulty
    Not all Double Gameweeks are created equal. As some teams have difficult fixtures, it’s important to judge how strong and weak their opponents are before investing in the players.

    3. Injury Concerns
    Double Gameweeks are hard on players, making them highly injury-prone. Be sure that you know how fit your chosen players are, and be ready to make changes at the last minute if necessary.

    Case Study: Navigating a Double Gameweek

    To give concrete examples of the above strategies, let’s imagine a double gameweek for an in-form team.

    Team: Manchester City

Manchester City vs. Fulham
Manchester City vs. Crystal Palace


-Player Selection: Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and Ruben Dias are all in fine form with pleasant fixtures. Here are some players for your team.

-Chip Usage: The Bench Boost chip can be activated with a number of very good fixtures being played. Make sure your bench is stocked with players who play in Double Gameweeks.

-Captaincy: But Kevin De Bruyne, an influential midfielder, is a good choice for Triple Captain chip. Weigh his recent form and the significance of these upcoming fixtures before making up your mind.

-Wildcard: If your squad does not have anyone from Manchester City, don’t forget to play the Wildcard before Double Gameweek.


For managers in FPL, the Double Gameweeks provide a chance to get ahead and build up points. But this rare opportunity requires careful planning and strategic decision. Pay attention to fixture announcements, evaluate player form, and with an eye on both the advantages and disadvantages of any given strategy. Activating chips, making transfers or switching around the squad A well-considered approach can help you make it through a Double Gameweek FPL unscathed and buoy your FPL team into higher rankings.

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