Leagues Cup 2023 Schedule Matches & Teams list

Leagues Cup 2023: Unveiling the Exciting Schedule, Thrilling Matches, and Dominant Teams

In a groundbreaking move, the inaugural Leagues Cup schedule 2023 is set to captivate soccer fans across the United States and Canada this summer. The tournament, spanning the months of July and August, will witness a temporary pause in both MLS and Liga MX league play as clubs from the two leagues vie for supremacy. With 15 three-team groups organized by geography, the competition promises a thrilling spectacle, culminating in a grand final on August 19.

The Leagues Cup Format

Group Stage

The Leagues Cup 2023 schedule kicks off on July 21, featuring teams from both MLS and Liga MX. The groups will engage in round-robin play, with the top two finishers advancing to a knockout stage. A unique element of the tournament is the absence of draws; tied matches will proceed to a penalty kick tiebreaker, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Knockout Stage

The knockout rounds, commencing on August 2, mark the transition to single-elimination matches. From the Round of 32 to the Final, teams battle for supremacy, with each fixture delivering its own set of thrills, upsets, and unforgettable moments.

Leagues Cup Teams: Dominance and Drama

Let’s delve into the leagues cup 2023 teams schedule stage results, highlighting standing teams and pivotal matchups that set the stage for an exhilarating knockout phase.

West One

Top Performers:

Tigres: 2 wins, 6 points

Portland Timbers: 1 win, 3 points

Noteworthy Match: Portland Timbers 1-2 Tigres

West Two

Top Performers:

CF Monterrey: 2 wins, 6 points

Real Salt Lake: 1 win, 3 points

Noteworthy Match: Real Salt Lake 0-3 CF Monterrey

West Three

Top Performers:

Club León: 1 win (via penalty kicks), 5 points

Vancouver Whitecaps: 1 win, 4 points

Noteworthy Match: Vancouver Whitecaps 2-2 Club León (Club León wins 16-15 on penalty kicks)

Central One

Top Performers:

Columbus Crew: 2 wins, 6 points

Noteworthy Match: Columbus Crew 4-1 Club América

Central Two

Top Performers:

Chicago Fire: 1 win, 4 points

Minnesota United: 1 win, 3 points

Noteworthy Match: Chicago Fire 0-1 Club América

Central Three

Top Performers:

FC Cincinnati: 1 win (via penalty kicks), 5 points

Noteworthy Match: FC Cincinnati 3-1 Chivas

Central Four

Top Performers:

Toluca: 2 wins, 6 points

Noteworthy Match: Nashville SC 3-4 Toluca

South One

Top Performers:

Mazatlán FC: 1 win (via penalty kicks), 5 points

Noteworthy Match: Mazatlán FC 1-1 FC Juárez (Mazatlán FC wins 4-2 on penalty kicks)

South Two

Top Performers:

Orlando City: 1 win (via penalty kicks), 5 points

Noteworthy Match: Orlando City 3-2 Santos Laguna

South Three

Top Performers:

Inter Miami: 2 wins, 6 points

Noteworthy Match: Inter Miami 4-0 Atlanta United

South Four

Top Performers:

Charlotte FC: 1 win (via penalty kicks), 5 points

Noteworthy Match: FC Dallas 3-0 Necaxa

East One

Top Performers:

Philadelphia Union: 2 wins, 6 points

Noteworthy Match: Philadelphia Union 5-1 Querétaro

East Two

Top Performers:

Pumas UNAM: 1 win, 4 points

Noteworthy Match: CF Montréal 0-1 D.C. United

East Three

Top Performers:

Atlas: 2 wins, 6 points

Noteworthy Match: New York City FC 0-1 Atlas

East Four

Top Performers:

New York Red Bulls: 1 win (via penalty kicks), 5 points

Noteworthy Match: New England Revolution 5-1 Atlético San Luis

Knockout Drama Unfolds

Round of 32

Inter Miami 3-1 Orlando City

Mazatlán FC 1-2 FC Dallas

CF Pachuca 0-0 Houston Dynamo (Houston Dynamo advance 5-3 on penalties)

LAFC 7-1 FC Juárez

The Round of 32 witnessed thrilling matches, with notable victories for Inter Miami, FC Dallas, and LAFC. Penalties became a recurring theme, adding an extra layer of suspense to the competition.

Round of 16

FC Dallas 4-4 Inter Miami FC (Inter Miami advance 5-3 on penalties)

Queretaro 1-1 New England Revolution (Queretaro advance 4-3 on penalties)

Charlotte FC 2-1 Houston Dynamo FC

Club América 2-2 Nashville SC (Nashville SC advance 6-5 on penalty kicks)

The knockout stage intensified with matchups like FC Dallas vs. Inter Miami, showcasing the resilience of teams. Penalty shootouts continued to play a crucial role in determining advancing teams.

Philadelphia Union 1-1 New York Red Bulls (Philadelphia Union advance 4-3 on penalty kicks)

Toluca 2-2 Minnesota United (Minnesota United advance 4-2 on penalty kicks)

Tigres 0-1 CF Monterrey

LAFC 4-0 Real Salt Lake


Philadelphia Union 2-1 Quéretaro

Inter Miami FC 4-0 Charlotte FC

Nashville SC 5-0 Minnesota United

LAFC 2-3 CF Monterrey

The quarterfinals delivered high-stakes encounters, with Philadelphia Union, Inter Miami, Nashville SC, and CF Monterrey emerging victorious. The battles for supremacy intensified, setting the stage for the grand finale.


Philadelphia Union 1-4 Inter Miami CF

CF Monterrey 0-2 Nashville SC

Third-Place Game

Philadelphia Union 3-0 CF Monterrey

The penultimate stage brought us two enthralling matchups, with Inter Miami facing Philadelphia Union and CF Monterrey taking on Nashville SC. The semifinals were a testament to the competitive balance between MLS and Liga MX teams.


Nashville SC 1-1 Inter Miami (Inter Miami win 10-9 on penalty kicks)

The grand finale between Nashville SC and Inter Miami was a showcase of determination, skill, and nerves of steel. In a penalty shootout that extended to historic proportions, Inter Miami emerged as the champions, etching their name in Leagues Cup history.


As the first-ever Leagues Cup 2023 concludes, it leaves behind a trail of unforgettable moments, dramatic victories, and unexpected triumphs. The blend of MLS and Liga MX teams has brought soccer enthusiasts together, fostering a sense of unity and friendly competition. The Leagues Cup schedule 2023 has undoubtedly established itself as a must-watch event on the soccer calendar, promising even more excitement in the years to come. So, mark your calendars and relish the memories of Leagues Cup 2023, a tournament that transcended borders and celebrated the beautiful game.

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