Metaverse Cricket Game: A Complete Guide

You must be familiar with the term metaverse, which is a virtual space wherein people can walk, interact, and shop within the virtual space. Metaverse has entered all aspects of life today, irrespective of business, education, training, sports, games, etc. Metaverse cricket is no exception as it has entered the global markets to revolutionize the way cricket works or functions. Since the pandemic, many people opted for NFT-based P2E games to earn a huge amount of money and stay ahead of the curve. 

Most people are inclined towards playing to earn games to showcase their gameplay skills, knowledge and expertise while making a huge fortune from it. The metaverse aims to tap the p2e segment by launching itself into popular online games like cricket. Recently, FanCraze launched Player Cards which aim to offer the first-ever-own-to-play gaming experience in cricket. They are also partnering with Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Capitals, and Lucknow Super Giants to introduce Indian cricket’s first digital collectables.

In this article, we will share the important aspects of cricket in metaverse, including how it is revolutionizing the gameplay experience and how entrepreneurs can leverage the power of metaverse cricket games. 

What is a Metaverse Cricket Game? 

The concept of cricket metaverse is becoming quite popular these days. Being an interesting and immersive game, cricket unites players and viewers and offers them both entertainment. Players can make a passive income out of play-to-earn metaverse cricket games. With high popularity and demand, players want to immerse themselves in the virtual world of cricket. It is one of the most celebrated sports across the country which has made its entry in the NFT and virtual space. 

The Emergence of Meta Cricket League (MCL)

  • Cricket is one of the most popular sports that acquired the NFT and virtual space with its new generation and latest innovations. Thus, cricket NFTs have become the talk of the town today. From Cricket T-shirts, posters, and bats to signatures; there are different types of NFTs that one can trade in the metaverse marketplaces.

  • MCL NFTs are interesting digital collectables that satisfy a wide range of audiences interested in cricket metaverse and gaming. Currently, this marketplace has sold over 52,000 MCL NFTs. NFT collectors and MCL players are both working towards collecting and playing meta cricket tokens and leagues respectively.

  • The Meta Cricket League, a unique play-to-earn Cricket NFT game is introducing itself as a unique concept which can transform or revolutionize the experience of cricket game enthusiasts. 

How To Leverage The Power of the Metaverse Cricket Game? 

Since MCL has revolutionized the way people play, watch and take an interest in cricket, it aims to build the largest metaverse cricket in the Web3 world. You can also tap into the metaverse cricket game segment by leveraging virtual, NFT-based gaming solutions. 

We can help you develop an interactive NFT-based P2E cricket game that can offer your target audience an enhanced gameplay experience. Besides games, you can also develop a cricket NFT game marketplace to tap into both player and NFT creator bases. 

Features of Cricket NFT Marketplace 

Here is the list of features that make the cricket NFT game marketplace. 

Cricket NFT Marketplace Features 


Search Bar

This feature allows users to easily find out their favourite team players, tournaments, and other specific NFTs. Users can also view additional information, such as the asking price, bidding status, auction date etc. 

Latest NFTs 

The latest NFTs display the most recent and upcoming NFTs that are emerging in the current cricket game space. Users can view the price, popularity, date, time and owner and other crucial updates of the latest NFT. 

Special Edition NFTs 

This feature displays rare and special edition NFTs that are not available on other platforms. The users can view the details of such NFTs like data and time of release, asset value, current owner, edition number, etc. 

Advanced Filters 

It lets users find out NFTs by applying filters like league, sports name, listing date, price range and asset value. 

Online Bidding 

It allows users to bid online on the NFT of their choice in the marketplace. They can even view upcoming, open and closed NFT bidding collections. 

Crypto Wallets 

As the best sports app development company, it aims to integrate high-class crypto wallets which enable users to freely buy, sell and trade NFTs without any hassle. 


The leaderboard is generally divided into two parts; one for the most valuable NFTs, and another for most active users. This allows users to check out the most successful collectors. 

Development of Cricket NFT Game Marketplace 

The Potential of the cricket NFT game marketplace is huge and unbeatable. It can create new opportunities and revenue streams while providing users with an engaging and immersive trading platform. With the emergence of MCL and new technologies, it is interesting to see how cricket is revolutionizing the outlook of the industry. The marketplace of cricket metaverse represents hard-to-find NFTs and digital collectables that can be traded for real value or cryptocurrency in a nutshell. 

With the development of the Cricket NFT game marketplace, you can target cricket enthusiasts and fans. Contact our experts to get yourself a full-fledged and feature-packed NFT-based cricket metaverse platform as per your customized requirements. 

Final Words 

By now you might have understood what it looks like to have cricket in metaverse. Both metaverse and NFTs are revolutionizing the way cricket works, streams and targets cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The use of blockchain technology improves the functions while offering users acute authentication, full ownership of assets, and a fair and transparent marketplace. With the inclusion of a metaverse-based game, players are excited to enjoy the immersiveness of virtual cricket games. Contact our leading metaverse game developers to get end-to-end metaverse cricket games that are highly immersive, interactive and engaging. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Create NFT Cricket Game? 

Creating an NFT cricket game is a complex process which requires several steps: 

  • Creating concept & design 
  • Analyzing the mechanics 
  • Development of game assets and 3D models 
  • Game engines and tech stack integration 
  • High-level programming or development 
  • Testing and QA 
  • Launching and maintenance

Do You Develop Metaverse Cricket Games? 

Yes, as the best metaverse game development company, we offer top-notch and attractive metaverse cricket games that can cater to the varied requirements of the sports business worldwide. 

What Is The Cost Of A Virtual Cricket Game? 

On average the cost of a virtual cricket game costs around $40k to $60k. However, the cost may shoot up to $80k and even more depending on the type and complexity of the project. 

What Is Virtual Cricket? 

Virtual cricket is an RNG-based cricket game which offers users competitive odds and an enhanced betting experience. Playing such play-to-earn games, you can make a huge fortune while showcasing your skills, knowledge and expertise.

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