NFL’s Highest Paid Players List in 2024

Are you a sports enthusiast or a football lover? Then you must be curious to know about the NLF’s highest-paid players. There are various players who have always left their fans in a stunning position with their phenomenal performances. This article will basically cover all the important and significant players. You will find the list of NFL highest paid players on this page, in which Nick Bosa is in the third position. The list was updated by including the popular player Burrow in the list, as he is the defensive player, and the sum of $34 has been awarded to him. So, let’s explore more about the player’s now from the below section.


Jackson  $81.5 million 
Patrick Mahomes  $60.5 million
Nick Bosa  $52 million
Aaron Rodgers   $47.9 million 
Daniel Jones   $47.5 million 
Deshau Watson   $46.5 million 
Joe Burrow   $45 million 
Dak Prescott’s   $44 million 
Kyler Murray    $42.5 Million
Russell Wilson  $41 million 

NFL All Time Best Players List

  • Jackson 

jackson nfl player

Jackson is the NFL highest paid players o, with a net worth of $81.5 million. Jackson signed an extension after two years of negotiations. He set an NFL record with the $72.5 million bonus. As one of the sports illustrators, he made direct negotiations without using any agents. His earnings for the year 2023 were around $80 million. He earned around US$1.5 million off-field. He is a popular sportsman with a production company. A restaurant, and so on.

Age 26 year 
Postion  Quarterback 
Team Baltimore Ravan
On-field  $81.5 million
Off-field  $1.5 Million 
  • Patrick Mahomes 

patrick mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is the second-most renowned football player. He has the most popular fan base. At the age of 28, this amazing player had an on-field worth of around $400 million for the year 2023. Off-fiend earnings are also a source of income. His involvement in the business of sports was significant when he invested in the women’s soccer leagues in Kansas City.

Age 27 year 
Postion  Quarterback 
Team Kansas City Chiefs
On-field  $40.5 Million
Off-field  $20 Million
  • Nick Bosa 


Nick Bosa is a phenomenal 26-year-old player who also received NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He became one of 49 stars to basically sign an extension and agreement deal for $170 million. His off-field earnings include a sum of $1 million. He also made headlines through his modeling for Kim’s shapewear brands. The average contract value that he made was $34 million, which beat the arm that was set by Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald. He is one among the  NFL highest paid players .

Age 25 year 
Postion  Defensive 
Team San Francisco 49ers
On-field  $51 million
Off-field  $1 Million 
  • Aaron Rodgers 

aron rodgers

At 39, Rodgers is an NFL stalwart who made waves this year by leaving his home of 18 seasons, the Green Bay Packers, for the New York Jets. It was an off-season trade, and Rodgers agreed to a reworked contract that saw his pay cut by US$35 million over two years, per the BBC. Off-field, he makes around US$11 million. He’s also opened up about his use of ayahuasca and has since become an advocate of psychedelics, per AP News. He will still break the NFL record for on-field earnings and get $342 million by the end of 2023.

Age 39 year 
Postion  Quarterback 
Team New york Jets
On-field  $36.9 Million
Off-field  $11 Million 
  • Daniel Jones 


After Jones played the best football of his four-year career in 2022, the Giants rewarded him with a four-year, $160 million contract in March. Jones is the one among NFL highest paid players. The 26-year-old quarterback has mostly had a limited endorsement portfolio since entering the NFL in 2019, corresponding to his limited presence on social media—his Instagram post in April was his first in nearly three years. 

Age 26 year 
Postion  Quarterback 
Team New york Giant 
On-field  $46 million
Off-field  $1.5 Million 
  • Deshau Watson  


As per the Forbes estimation, Desbau Watson had $8 million off the field. He became the least popular because he was allegedly accused by 20 women in regards to sexual harassment. Because of his unresponsiveness and irresponsibility, he was suspended for 11 games last season.

Age 27 year 
Postion  Quarterback 
Team Cleveland Browns
On-field  $4.6 million
Off-field  $0.5 Million 
  • Joe Burrow 

Joe Burrow

The most popular player has several nicknames, like Joe Cool. Joe Brrr, and so on. The 26-year-old legend player broke the $219 million contract. He is second after Deshaun Watson, who got such a contract.

Age 26 year 
Postion  Quarterback 
Team Cincinnati Bengals
On-field  $41 million
Off-field  $4 Million 
  • Dak Prescott’s 


Dak has a milestone in the NFL bonus of $66 million for singing. He got 15 sponsors, including the Nike Jordan brand, and so on. He played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL. Across the seven seasons, Dak produced an outstanding record.

Age 30 year 
Postion  Quarterback 
Team Dallas Cowboy
On-field  $31 million
Off-field  $13 Million 
  • Kyler Murray 

Kyler Murray

He signed a $230 million contract in 2022. Murray has seven corporate partners off the field, including Nike, Body Armor, and so on. In 2023, he missed four games, and he recovered from the December ACL tear. Murray was also an investor in a $6 million seed round corresponding to the NFL.

Age 26 year 
Postion  Quarterback 
Team Arizona Cardinals
On-field  $39 million
Off-field  $3.5 Million 
  • Russell Wilson 

Russell Wilson 

Russell tries to make a better return on the field with a new coach, Sean Payton. In 2022, he had been through the worst season of his career. He made an outstanding return in proper form.

Age 34 year 
Postion  Quarterback 
Team Denver Brancos 
On-field  $28 million
Off-field  $13 Million 

These are the  NFL highest paid players , with millions of on-field and off-field contracts.

Image Credit: Sportskeeda

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