Argentina vs. Australia Squad Team Match Lineup

Want to know the latest Argentina National Football Team VS Australia National Football Team Lineups? You are in the right place! Because in this article, you will get to know the latest line up for both teams and the match summary from their last match, held on June 15, 2023, at the Raucous Workers’ Stadium in Beijing, China. 

Argentina National Football Team vs Australia National Football Team Match Lineup

Lionel Messi left his fans with euphoria as he scored the fastest goal of his international career, winning against Australia by 2-0. But do you know the exceptional team behind this great victory? Let’s find out! In addition, we won’t disappoint the Australian fans as well, so we will be mentioning the Australian team from that day too, as they gave their very best as well!

Check out the table below for the Argentina National Football Team vs. Australia National Football Team Lineup as of June 15, 2023.  

The Argentina National Football Team vs. Australia National Football Team Lineup

The table below represents the team for both teams, including substitutes. 

Argentina  Australia 
E Martinez  M Ryan ©
N Molina  N Atkinson 
C Romero H Souttar
N Otamendi  K Rowles
M Acuña J Bos
Á di María  M Leckie 
R De Paul  K Baccus
E Fernández  A O’Neill 
N González  R McGree 
L Messi © M Duke 
A Mac Allister  J Maclaren 
L Balerdi C Metcalfe 
T Almada A Circati
L Ocampos R Strain 
W Benítez B Borrello 
N Tagliafico G Stensness
G Rodríguez  A Robertson 
G Lo Celso  D Genreau 
A Garnacho Ferreyra  J King
F Medina C Devlin
G Rulli T Glover
J Álvarez  A Hrustic 
N Maksimovic 
G Simeone
G Pezzella 
E Palacios

Fan Service

Fan’s were astonished as they witnessed a memorable match where Lionel’s squad once again proved why they are the world champions. Although Australia got defeated, there is no reason that their morale would let down, as this was a friendly match and not a World cup level stage match. 

The sole purpose of this match was to provide an entertainment packed atmosphere to the fans where they could cheer for their favorite team and, at the same time, be free from any anxiety of seeing their team lose in a major event.

Because of this, the crowd was able to cheer for their favorite team until the last minute of the match without feeling any sorrow. In addition to the fans from both countries, the Chinese fan base also contributed enough from a cheering perspective, leaving the players of both countries delighted.              

Final Words

By now, you must have gotten the full information about the Argentina vs. Australia squad team from their last match. The game was held at Raucous Workers’ Stadium in Beijing, China, where the players got immense support from fans of both teams as well as the local Chinese fan crowd, which was the cherry on top.

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