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10 Best Sports Apps in 2024- You Must know

Do you want to keep yourself updated with all the latest information in regard to the world of sports? If yes, then we bring you to the top 10 sports apps for android & iOS that will assist you in keeping yourself updated with sports news. You simply need to register, log in, and avail yourself of the benefits of the apps. These apps are preferred by sports enthusiasts. So, in this article, there is information about the most popular and best 10 sports applications that can better link you with the latest and real world.

Overview of Top 10 Sports Apps 2024-25

App  Sports 
Version Latest 
Available  Android and iOS
Coverage  All sports
Types  Free downloadable

About the Best 10 Sports Apps for Android & iOS

Are you aware of some of the most popular sports apps? These apps provide all the relevant information about sports. Sports apps are like a gem for sports enthusiasts. These apps function like a one-stop solution for all the problems. You can cover the latest news, live matches, and score information through these apps. You are going to find these apps most relevant to you.

365 Scores
Flash score
CBS Score
Bleacher Report
Yahoo Sports

The Best Sports Apps in 2024-25

  • 365 Scores

It is the most popular and among the best 10  sports apps in 2024. It covers comprehensive sports topics and wide news, including cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, and so on. Due to its versatile nature and large coverage, it is a highly considerable app. 365 Scores has more than 50 million users, and it is the most downloaded app that is available for both Android and iOS. You must use this app because it is easy to navigate, it has wide coverage of sports, and you can get notifications in regards to the game on your mobile phone through this app.

Price  Free
Rating  4.5 
Reviews  1M
Downloads 50 M+ 
  • Flash score

It is the second-most popular sports app at the present time. It ensures wide coverage of the topics by including 30 sports globally. This app provides the most relevant information to you. There are some benefits to using the app, like being easy to navigate and receiving notifications about the latest information in sports.

Price  Free
Rating  4.7
Reviews  949 K
Downloads 10M
  • LiveScore

If you are looking for a simple app that can simply update you about the sport’s features with some advanced features, then the LiveScore app is for you. It is suitable for both Android and iOS users. It covers a diverse range of topics, including sports and general news. It has over 6 million users and over 9 lakh reviews. It includes the live commentary option, which makes it considerable among the users.

Price  Free
Rating  4.3
Reviews  468 K
Downloads 50M
  • SofaScore

SofaScore covers comprehensive sports services, including matches, scores, and generic news. This app also has some live mode options that make you feel connected to the real world by providing highlights of sports-related news. It covers a diverse range of sports, has a category of sports news, and has some more advanced features.

Price  Free
Rating  4.5
Reviews  810 K
Downloads 50M
  • AIScore

It is a nuanced but most advanced app. AIScore is available on both Android and iOS but it is not as popular as other sports apps. This app has simple features that ensure a user-friendly experience for the users. UI features are easy to navigate and it also covers the various sports news. 

Price  Free
Rating  3.9
Reviews  78 K
Downloads 10 M
  • CBS Sports

CBS Sports is the having a good fan base. It provides sports news highlights and updates about the scores and stats for the games to the users. It has sharp features, but the UI is quite cluttered. CBS Sports has over 10 million users because it caters to sports gambling needs and ensures a user-friendly experience for its visitors. You must choose the apps because of their wide coverage of the latest news, sports highlights, and so on.

Price  Free
Rating  4.4
Reviews  165K
Downloads 10 M
  • Bleacher Report

You can avail the benefits of this app from the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. It is suitable for both Android and iOS users. This app has customized the sports with toggles that make it easy to navigate the sports. It provides highlights about the news and contains the most relevant information for the users. There are multiple reasons that make this app recommendable for you, including the quick navigation UI, which covers trending news and sports videos, the latest articles, live scores and chats,, and so on.

Price  Free
Rating  4.5
Reviews  146K
Downloads 10 M

It is a preferred app for both Android and iOS users. It also contains an advanced feature through which you can view NBA and NFL games. It covers comprehensive sports including cricket, golf, boxing, and so on. Its UI is easy to navigate, its information is relevant for sports lovers, and you can keep this on your phone for better access to the sports world.

Price  Free
Rating  4.7
Reviews  156K
Downloads 10 M+
  • BBC

It is the most advanced addition to the list of the best smartphone apps. The diverse nature of sports includes football, cricket, and so on. It has a great selection, and it also provides an important highlight of the news. The national coverage of a wide variety of news and articles makes it quite different from the others.

Price  Free
Rating  4.3
Reviews  40K
Downloads 1M
  • ESPN

It is most popular among sports enthusiasts, and it is usable for both Android and iOS users. Over 50 million users enjoy the ESPN app and its advanced features. It covers comprehensive sports team and player information, including cricket, basketball, and so on. ESPN is easy to navigate and also simple to use because of its sports categories.

Price  Free
Rating  4.0
Reviews  919 K
Downloads 50 M


If sports is your passion or you love to chase your favorite player then it is advisable to have these are the best 10 sports apps in 2024 phone because it keeps you updated with the latest information about your favorite players. You can get all the information now with just one click. These apps save you time and effort by providing notifications and highlights about the sports, matches, and current live scores. 

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