The Top 10 Biggest Football Stadiums in the World

As a sports lover, how can one leave football? Football is a sport played by a group of eleven people. It is a well-known sport all over the world. The biggest tournament in football in the world is the FIFA World Cup, which is organized every four years. There are other football tournaments as well, like the Asia Cup, the UEFA Cup, etc. You must be enthusiastic to know about the biggest football stadium in the world, right? Then, in this blog, you will find the biggest football stadium in the world with a large capacity. Among the various stadiums, it is Rungrado that is acting on lead at present. It is at the top of the list of the largest football stadiums.

10 Biggest Football Stadiums in the World 

Rank Stadiums Country
1 Rungrado 1st of May Stadium North Korea
2 Michigan Stadium United States
3 Melbourne Cricket Ground Australia
4 Camp Nou Spain
5 FNB Stadium South Africa
6 Wembley Stadium London
7 Rose Bowl United States
8 Estadio Azteca Mexico
9 Bukit Jalil National Stadium Malaysia
10 Borg El Arab Stadium Egypt


1. Rungrado 1st May of Stadium

Rungrado 1st May Stadium is built in North Korea which is the biggest football stadium in the world. It was completely built in 1989. It’s one of the world’s largest stadiums and contains most of the crowd (approximate 1 lakh, 15 thousand). This stadium is situated on Rungra Island, on the bank of the Teadong River. Rungrado Stadium is mainly used for football matches, but a few athletic events happen there as well. That’s why it is a multi-purpose stadium. The major event that happened here was the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students. 

2. Michigan Stadium

It is the largest stadium in the United States. Michigan Stadium is also known as the “Big House.” It is the home of Michigan football. It was completely built in 1927. It is a football stadium for the University of Michigan. It is the 34th-largest venue in the world. It was further renovated in 2010. It is used by the University of Michigan for graduation ceremonies. There is one extra seat in the stadium, which is said to be reserved for the atheletic director of the time.

3. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket is an Australian football stadium as well as a cricket stadium. It has a capacity of approximately 1 lakh people. It is mainly used as the stadium for the summer Olympics and Football biggest stadium in the world. This was the area of cricket in the year 1853. And in the year 1859, the first game of Australian football was played here. This Melbourne Cricket Ground is mainly run by a trust, and there is also a chairman of the trust, which changes according to the time. Football spectators are the most in Australia, which helps in making more money for this Melbourne Cricke Ground. 

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4. Camp Nou

If we translate the word “Camp Nou” in English, the meaning of this is “The New Ground.” It was mainly opened in 1957. It is also known as Spotify Camp Nou for some sponsorship reasons. It biggest capacity football stadium in the world in all of Spain and Europe. It is the home of some of the greatest football players, like Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and others. It is the most visited venue in Catalonia, as football lovers love to visit the stadium where their ideals are played.

5. FNB Stadium

FNB Stadium is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is one of the biggest stadiums in Africa, where mainly football is played in the World Cup and also rugby is played here.The full form of the FNB stadium is First National Bank Stadium. FNB Stadium is also known as Soccer City. It has one of the seating arrangements for the crowd. Approximately 94,000 people can sit in this stadium in order to watch a match.

6. Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is located in England and is referred to as the biggest football club stadium in the world. It was rebuilt in 2007 on the same site where the original Wembley Stadium was built back in 1923. The England team has played its home game on this ground. This stadium also hosted many music events and different events as well. Wembley Stadium is under the sponsorship of EE Limited. From then on, it is referred to as “Wembley Stadium connected by the EE.”. 

7. Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl Stadium is located in Pasadena, California.It mainly opened in 1922. This stadium has a capacity to hold a crowd of approximately 90,000. Around the world, it is the 16th largest stadium. This stadium also hosted the FIFA World Cup Finale in 1994 and the women’s FIFA World Cup Finale in 1999. This stadium is the home of Rose Bowl football, and concerts by many singers also happen here.

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8. Estadio Azteca

This stadium is mainly located in Mexico. It is about the altitude of 2200 from the sea level.It is a multi-purpose stadium. It is one of the largest stadiums in Mexico. It is also very famous as it hosted two FIFA World Cups. It is one of the most memorable for sports lovers, as it witnessed many beautiful moments of the soccer game. It is also known as the home of Club America. This stadium also hosted many memorable concerts. 

9. Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Bukit Jalil National Stadium is located in Kuala, Malaysia. It has the capacity to hold approximately 90,000 people in the stadium. It is the largest stadium in Southeast Asia. And also one of the largest stadiums in Asia (as it takes the fourth position). The Malaysian government mainly owned this stadium. It was completely ready in 1995. Then it went under construction for the renovation of the stadium in 1998. The inauguration of this stadium is mainly done by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

10. Borg El Arab Stadium

Borg El Arab Stadium is mainly located in Egypt. This stadium is also known as the Egyptian Army Stadium or El Geish Stadium. It was opened in 2009. It is the second-largest stadium in Africa. This stadium has the capacity to hold a crowd of 85,000. It is also the 27th-largest stadium in the world.


All these stadiums that are mentioned above are the biggest football stadiums in the world. People who are football lovers and concerts come to watch in these stadiums. There are other stadiums for football in the world as well. You must have got the idea about football stadiums through a list of the biggest football stadiums in the world.

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