Premier League News : Liverpool vs Chelsea Lineup Prediction

It is a matter of surprise that Cornor Bradley, who is just 20 years old, scored his first goal for Liverpool, and he further claimed assists as the Jurgen Klopp team reached the top of the Premier League with a 4-1 score against Chelsea.

We could have scored and should have scored more goals; you cannot score 56 goals against Chelsea if you are not outstanding.”

Dominik Szoboszlai, Luis Diaz, and Diogo Jota were on target for Liverpool; on the other hand, Darwin failed to turn the first half kick on display, but Chelsea’s strong appeals waved away, and the hosts didn’t concede a penalty.

“I don’t think you can have an outstanding team performance when the individuals don’t work together. The start was brilliant; we were really going for them,” Klopp said in a conversation with the  BBC. “W were outstanding; it was a top  game.”

Liverpool  VS Chelsea Prediction

Here are the Liverpool VS Chelsea prediction that can assist you in getting an idea about the game: 

Win probability

HOME: 6/10 (1.60) – 62.5%

DRAW: 7/2 (4.50) – 22.2%

AWAY: 9/2 (5.50) – 18.2%

Liverpool were expected to win the game  by 62.5% and it is disappointing for the fans to see Chelsea who is not expected to get anything this season. 

Liverpool vs Chelsea Predictive Lineup 

Liverpool’s tricks worked and by the end it ended up with the victory. In 49th minutes diogo Kota scored twice prior to the Nunez who wrap up 4-0 win for merseysiders. 

Liverpool lineup

  • Alisson (GK), 
  • Mac Allister, 
  • Elliott, 
  • van Dijk, 
  • Gomez, 
  • Bradley, 
  • Jones,
  • Jota, Díaz & Núñez
  • Konaté,

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Liverpool vs Chelsea Predicted Lineup  

Chelsea got victory last time against Fulham. This time his appeal was waived twicely. He became the youngest player in the league who became popular in the field. 

  • Petrović (GK), 
  • Silva, 
  • Caicedo
  • Gallagher, 
  • Palmer, 
  • Disasi, 
  • Gusto, 
  • Colwill,
  • Fernández,
  • Sterling & Broja

Liverpool vs Chelsea Live Stream

In all competitions, Liverpool Unbeaten at Anfield this season with 51 points after 22 games. Manchester City are in second place with Arsenal on 46 points, whereas Chelsea are in 10th with 31 points.

Bradley became the youngest Liverpool player to surprise the fans by scoring and assisting a goal in a league match in the presence of Raheem Sterling on the pitch around 10 years ago.

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Liverpool vs chelsea live stream: I just feel like I am in a dream,Bradley said in a conversation with TNT Sport

Klopp. It is expected to leave at the end of the season. Liverpool’s victory was their 200th under him. “This player has given a phenomenal performance. His intensity in the game with the opening whistle was outstanding.”

Chelsea scored seven shots in the first half, but Hota broke the deadlock when Chelsea took a pass from Bradley at 23 minutes, and that’s how Chelsea defenders scored.

Liverpool vs Chelsea Head to Head

Bradley has played exceptionally since the start of the game. Trent Alexander Arnold met with an injury that increased the heartbeat of football fans at the 39th minute when, after a run, he hammered a shot into the corner.

Klopp said, “What a wonderful kid he is.”

“Outstanding finish, the whole game, contribution, and involvement. It’s a job to play against Sterling; that’s not easy. I am happy for him. That was pretty special.”

The youngest player in Ireland left defenders in wake before launching a pinpoint cross that Szoboszlai leapt to the head past Djordje Petrovic.

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Liverpool vs Chelsea Today

We just gave everything that we had—the first 11 and the guys who came in. We showed our quality and 4-1 good results,” Szoboszlai, in a conversation with the BBC,

“Bradley just put the ball on my head, so I didn’t really have to do much. We are really happy to have him because he has shown many times that he is ready to play. You will find Liverpool vs Chelsea head to head competition.

At the 71st, Christopher Nkunku pulled one back, but Liverpool’s Diaz gave tough competition and replied soon after, a minute later. In front of Chelsea, Liverpool had 27 shots, with 12 on target. Most of them were hit by Nunez, who hit the post with a first-half penalty.

In a Premier League match, Uruguayan emerged as the very first player since 2003–2004 to have hit woodwork four times.

“Incredible, wonderful. He is flying momentarily. Klopp said so rightly. He is working hard and is a good footballer. He helps so much that it is incredible. Quite a few of you people said we needed a right back in the summer, but we were very positive about Conor.

Chelsea penalty appeals were waved away and checked by VAR. The first appeal was when Virgil van Dijk brought down Conor Gallagher, and the second was when the Dutch defender seemed to kick Nkunku.

According to Chelsea boss Mauricio, It was bad luck for us,” “but that does change the feeling Liverpool were better than  us.”

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